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Find out what our clients are say about us by reading Enlight Homebuyers Reviews. We have successfully served people from all around Indiana facing many situations where they need to sell their home and fast!

"Our family had a unique situation where my husband had to live in Marion County for his job. We had a house in Greenwood. We contacted Enlight Homebuyers to buy our home. The process was easy but at times a little confusing since we had never done this before. However staff was easy to contact and open to questions. Our house was sold and the mortgage paid in full!"

Laura K. 2/12/2018 ★★★★

"After dealing with some personal issues I was desperate to sell my home. The home needed a lot of work. I was at a point where I didn't have the funds to repair all that needed to be done to the home to have it put on the market. I reached out to Enlight Homebuyers and they were so kind and quick to respond. The entire process was very quick and everyone involved was very helpful. I didn't have to pay any closing cost or any fees at all. I would highly recommend using Enlight Homebuyers!"

Tina M. 03/01/2018 ★★★★★

"My wife and I were about to sell our home and move south, and i had gotten a card in the mail, and decided to call and see what they would offer. We did not want to spend the time to do further updates and repairs, so I called and set an appointment. We also did not want the hassle of listing and repeated showings until the house was sold. We were sure the offer would be extremely low and unreasonable. We were surprised, we were given a reasonable offer on the 1st visit and not pressured. The next day I called back to accept. The process was so smooth and hassle free, it actually had me concerned, it can't be this easy. But it was that simple, no realtor fees, no showings, no repairs or updates. If you are looking to squeeze every dollar out of your property, this might not be for you, but I believe in the end considering all the expenses, time and effort we saved, we actually came out nearly even."

David B. 09/30/2017 ★★★★★

"I had owned this property for a number of years and it had become a burden, both financially and time wise. Living 500 miles away, it wasn't panning out as a rental property. I had contacted several other companies in the past and had not gotten a response from any of them. After contacting Enlight Homebuyers, my call was returned quickly. We discussed the property and I quickly had a reasonable offer on the table. Through out the processes they were helpful and considerate. When purchased this was my dream home, but as life moves forward dreams change, Enlight Homebuyers helpful staff helped with those changes."

Jonathan I. 7/21/2018 ★★★★★

"We were relocated due to husbands job and needed to sell as quickly as possible at a respectable price and Enlight helped us do this within a month very pleased and felt I made friends in the experience"

Sally M. 12/15/2017 ★★★★★

"I recently retired from my job, and am in the process of trying to figure out what to do with myself, (a second career, school etc.) One the things on my list was to remodel my home and move back into it. I was caught up in the housing crisis but was blessed to not only keep, but also pay off my home. The house needed a fair amount of repair, more than I wanted to spend, for what we wanted to have done. I had been receiving postcards from different companies about buying my home. I contacted four companies, two responded, only one my an offer.The other company. Not interested. Didn't even make an offer. After a discussion with your very helpful agent. I came to the conclusion I did not want to spend the start of my retirement repairing and remodeling my house. A closing date and offer was made, and after a short delay (I have a VERY popular name) I received the funds from the offer made, and now can start my retirement with one less thing to do, and extra money to get started. Thanks! P.S. I will be contacting you in the future to see if there are other things you can assist me with, and I will highly recommend your company."

John A. 03/12/2017 ★★★★★

"My uncle had recently passed. He had no children and my father is deceased as well. I became the heir to his estate. His home needed some work plus it was to small for my family. Selling was the only option. Many companies came viewed the home. I just felt comfortable and secure right off the top with this company. They gave me the best offer. It was fast and hassle free. I am very pleased and thankful I choose your company."

Shaune W. 1/1/2019 ★★★★★

"It was May 2018 and I needed to move fast! I had a job opportunity in another state and didn't have time to remodel my home, put it on the market, and wait by the phone. I received a flyer in the mail that seemed like the answer to all my problems... and IT WAS! Enter Enlight Homebuyers. They made me a fair offer and we closed less than a month later. If the clock is running out on you and you need to sell your home AS IS, look no further than Enlight Homebuyers!"

Thomas L. 06/21/2018 ★★★★

"We had taken over parents house after father passed away. It was needing interior work and house was too small for us. It was constant upkeep and maintenance. We actually were given the number from someone we were talking to about selling. We called and they got right back with us, drew up offer and we closed very shortly after. Susan was my contact and was awesome! She was there every step of the way. The only suggestion I would make is a different title company. But rest of our sell went very smooth and everyone at key point was right on it!"

Kathy H. 06/08/2017 ★★★★

"I had a house that had been owned by a member of my family since the early 1900's. Since the death of my mother, my daughter lived in the house until this year. She recently married and left the state. I decided to sell the house, but I didn't want the hassle of putting the house on the market with a realtor and waiting an extended period of time waiting for it to sell. I became aware of Enlight Homebuyers and contacted them about purchasing my house. The people at Enlight Homebuyers were very friendly and professional. I made an appointment with one of their staff to discuss the details of the sale. Within just a matter of a few weeks the sale was completed and I was very satisfied. I would advise anyone that wants to sell property, without the hassle of having a realtor involved with the sale, to contact Enlight Homebuyers. They will work with you to assist in the selling of your property."

Steven S. 2/28/2017 ★★★★★

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