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Find out what our clients are say about us by reading Enlight Homebuyers Reviews. We have successfully served people from all around New Mexico facing many situations where they need to sell their home and fast!

"My mother passed away very unexpectedly. At that time I was in Colorado for my son's cancer treatment which also came out of the blue. After losing both my mother and my son to cancer I was overwhelmed with expenses, home repairs, and determining what to do with our home. Jackie Pearson with Enlight Homebuyers has been more than amazing to my family and I. She walked with me through the whole process. I was blown away with how she went above and beyond for me. I was offered a quick cash sale for the property and it didn't take much effort on my end. I would recommend this company to anyone who is a bind with real estate issues! My whole family thank you for all of your help!"

Pamela S. 6/20/2018 ★★★★★

"I was finalizing my father's estate and needed to sell his home. We had cleared most of the items out but I had become overwhelmed with my own house payments and his. I contacted Enlight Homebuyers, a Subsidiary of Treehouse and they sent out a buyer to look things over. They offered a fair price and took care of setting everything up relieving a lot of stress on my side. It was quick simple efficient and fair. We closed out everything and I was able to complete my father's estate before the end of the year. Thank you."

Teresa S 1/20/2018 ★★★★

"I had a positive experience with Enlight Homebuyers (Treehouse Investments) during a very difficult and stressful time in my life. I had gone through several life changes and I was not looking forward to adding to the stress of selling my home. I did research online and found Enlight Homebuyers. I read the reviews and decided to talk with them. After talking with them I was highly impressed with how professional and what he had to say about the process. At first it seemed to easy and too good to be true. It helped put me at ease with the understanding for my situation.I had just gone through a divorce after suffering the recent loss of my dad. My home was In need of many repairs and upgrades that I did not have the time for money but I had to sell my home in order to move on. Enlight Homebuyers provided me with hope for a fresh start. I spent a lot of time on the phone with Dee who was extremely kind, thoughtful and highly professional. I wanted to be completely out of the house on the day we closed but my situation did not work out that way. I was able to leave behind things I did not want to take which extremely made my my move easy. Everyone I spoke to atEnlight Homebuyers was professional, kind and always answered my calls or returned my call soon after I left a message.. All was was followed through just as offered and explained. Enlight Homebuyers has my highest recommendation. I will refer anyone in a situation like mine it to use Enlight Homebuyers. They were caring professional and followed through with what was agreed"

April 7/11/2018 ★★★★★

"I was placed as the trustee of my Parent's estate, and unfortunately a relative fell threw with responsibilities to keep up the home per the estates conditions. Therefor I was compelled to follow threw with the instructions surrounding their estate by having to sell the property. I received your flyer in the mail and read the information your company offered to purchase homes as-is, that is when I decided to give you all a call. My first contact was with Jarod M*****, he was very responsive, friendly and professional, and agreed to meet with us and access the property with 24 hours to accommodate my schedule. The end result was fruitful by way of the sale and purchase of the property. The offer was more than fair and we were very grateful and happy things went so quickly to resolve the responsibility of the sale within a months time. You helped relieve and take a huge burden off my shoulders because of the fair offer and responsibility of purchasing the home as-is, as well as cleaning, removing, and placing the property with a real estate company that could've taken months to sell. After meeting Jarod M***** and speaking with Jackie P****** on the phone and having had the thorough professional interaction with these two representatives of the Enlight Co. It was a delightful experience and I was very pleased with such a quick sale just as I was promised. I would highly recommend this company to others that are in need of selling a home and/or property."

Irene. 8/8/2018 ★★★★★

"I reached a point where I was no longer able to live on my own but I didn't want to give up my house. I received postcard differing to buy my house and I set it aside. A couple of months later I ended up calling the number on the card an speaking with Jerrod. I was very surprised to learn that Enlight Homebuyers was friendly and helpful and most of all ethical. It took me almost 4 months to make up my mind but I never felt pressured and I never felt like someone was trying to take advantage of my circumstances. I'm happy that I worked with this wonderful group of people and I know I got a fair deal. Now I have peace of mind and financial security. I feel like my former house which I loved very much will be fixed and go to another person that I hope will enjoy it as much as I did. Enlight Homebuyers cares about the clients they work with and show that they want the best for the customers they work with and that is unique in the business world these days."

Eva M. 3/27/2018 ★★★★★

"My siblings and I inherited my Mother's home upon her passing. Based on the work needed to get the home ready for sale, and having to manage the process from different cities, we decided to sell the property "as-is." I researched a few companies in the Albuquerque area and chose Enlight Homebuyers based on past reviews. The entire process from initial contact to final closing was exceptional. The team at Enlight was a pleasure to work with. We met with Jared, the sales representative, at the home and a fair offer was agreed upon the same day. The paperwork required to complete the sale was minimal and processed quickly by the staff. A little over a month after meeting with Enlight the closing was complete and they began renovations. I would highly recommend Enlight Homebuyers and want to thank them for all their assistance"

Mike D. 12/23/2017 ★★★★★

"Enlight Homebuyers was an excellent company to work with. We believed their cash offer to be fair. The staff was polite, responsive and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this comparably to others "

Barbara B. 1/19/2018 ★★★★

"Enlight Homebuyers was the best thing that we could have done. There was no stress, and no fooling around. I wish I would have called them sooner. I could not have imagined that the whole process of selling my home could be so easy. Thank you everyone you were all great and did exactly what you said."

Jamie V. 6/12/2017 ★★★★

"Needed to sell an inherited home in Albuquerque, NM which neither myself nor my sister lived in and Treehouse Investments/Enlight Homebuyers were very helpful, most especially Susan! She and the company did their very best to provide a fair price and prompt closing. Definitely took what could have been a real pain off our shoulders! Thank you."

Laurie E. 3/26/2017 ★★★★

"Enlight Homebuyers was amazing! They did everything they said they were going to do and delivered in a quickly and timely manner. I was so happy to not have to put any more time or money into my property. They came out a few days after the call, gave me a fair offer on the spot and we literally closed on the deal about 45 days later. Everything went smoothly and everyone was honest, fair and professional. I would highly recommend Enlight Homebuyers to family and friends."

Lucinda C. 10/4/2017 ★★★★★

"I was totally overwhelmed by becoming personal representative after my dear friend and owner of the house passed. There was no way i could possibly maintain it or even afford living there. The house needed considerable work for which I had no time, energy or money. I had been contacted by the investment company after my friend's death and I found a quick and simple solution to my dilemma." My experience was totally positive and probably saved me from a breakdown. The company was totally professional, sensitive and flexible. I highly recommend Enlight Homebuyers"

Janice 7/11/2018 ★★★★★

"I was in a really tough spot as personal representative for my friend prior to her death. Because of other stresses in my life and the financial situation of deciding how to get out from under a house that I was physically, mentally and financially unprepared for, I discovered that there would be considerable expense and absolutely no guarantee when the house might sell. I had received several letters from companies interested in the property on an "as is" basis. One never got back to me after I called them. I tried Enlight Homebuyers and was immediately connected to an agent who came the very next day. The next day I was given an offer and asked when I would like to close. The entire process was swift, professional and exactly what I needed. The stress from being overwhelmed suddenly turned into a super solution. When money isn't the bottom line and sanity is, Enlight is a perfect option."

Janice L. 5/1/2018 ★★★★★

"Due to life events, I had to sell my house that was still under renovations. I contacted Enlight Homebuyers and they offered to help the same day they met with me at my house. In just a few weeks, I was sitting at the title company closing on the house. Huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and the entire process was quick and smooth not to mention I got exactly what I asked for in price. I wasn't burdened with the worry of an unfinished house sitting on the market for who knows how long. The office personnel were a joy to work with. They kept constant communication and updates on top of being a nice friendly bunch that were fun to do business with. If you need to get out of your house with no hassle, definitely contact this office. I would not only recommend someone that is in a similar situation that I was in but a house that's ready to sell."

John P. 5/19/2017 ★★★★★

"I had decided that I wanted to move to spend my retirement near the beach. I chose to move from New Mexico to Florida. I wanted to move quickly and did not want to go through the typical process to sell my home. I also knew that my home needed updated and some repairs. I called several companies who buy houses and one of them was Enlight Homebuyers. My experience was a positive one from beginning to end. They came and inspected my property within a few days. They asked me what I wanted for my house and we agreed on a price that I could live with. I told them that I wanted to move quickly and they called and told me that they were ready to close within a week. That was a little too quick for me and I ended up needing another two weeks to be ready. The staff was very patient and willing to work with my schedule. Closing was all prearranged and my part took less than 20 minutes. My money was in my account the next business day. In short, I had a very positive experience with this company and would definitely use them again if needed. Everyone I worked with was professional, helpful, and very pleasant. The outcome for me was exactly what I wanted and needed."

E. V. 8/23/2016 ★★★★★

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