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Find out what our clients are say about us by reading Enlight Homebuyers Reviews. We have successfully served people from all around the country facing many situations where they need to sell their home and fast!

"I was finalizing my father's estate and needed to sell his home. We had cleared most of the items out but I had become overwhelmed with my own house payments and his. I contacted Enlight Homebuyers, a Subsidiary of Treehouse and they sent out a buyer to look things over. They offered a fair price and took care of setting everything up relieving a lot of stress on my side. It was quick simple efficient and fair. We closed out everything and I was able to complete my father's estate before the end of the year. Thank you."

Teresa S 1/20/2018

"We had decided to start building a new home for our expanding family and put our current home on the market. The home builder gave us 60 days to sell our home. We did a few touch ups to the house with new carpet and paint, but it was not selling fast. As we got closer to our 60 day deadline we were even more stressed that the home would not sell. We did have some showings here and there, but time was not on our side and we were not getting any offers. We had to get an extension from the home builder and our last date to sell the property was 7/6, after that we would lose out on the new home we were building. Starting over didn't seem to make sense to us since there was no guarantee our home would sell fast and we would once again lose out on another home plus money. My husband and I started thinking there has to be something else we can do besides just going the traditional way with a realtor trying to sell our home. My husband found you online and I was the one who was skeptical about everything. A nice gentleman came to our home looked at it, took some pictures, and was very honest about what he thought of our home. That very day your company offered a fair cash offer and we decided to accept it. I was in contact with Susan who helped coordinate the sale of our home and she made me feel very comfortable being that the sale had to happen within 2 weeks! The process was smooth and professional all the way from the time we spoke to the closing date. Thank you very much for making a stressful situation turn into a good one! We are so happy our house sold very fast from the moment we spoke and being that it was such a fast and easy process we are able to get into our new home! We would highly recommend you to people who are looking to sell their home."

Lariena C. 7/14/2016

"We retired to New Mexico 2 years ago. After maintaining a rental home in the area for 10 years, we were tiring of the role of landlord. When we received a card from Enlight Homebuyers offering to buy our home, we skeptically set up a meeting with their local representative, Jared. Jared listened to our needs, inspected our home and quickly delivered an acceptable offer for the property. By listening to our needs, they created a great sales contract and gave us three months to allow our tenants to find a new home. The sales process went smoothly and Susan of Enlight Homebuyers was always there to answer questions we completed the sale on schedule and are now retired from the rental business. I would strongly recommend Enlight Homebuyers to anyone requiring their services."

Michael E. 6/11/2016

"Enlight Homebuyers was the best thing that we could have done. There was no stress, and no fooling around. I wish I would have called them sooner. I could not have imagined that the whole process of selling my home could be so easy. Thank you everyone you were all great and did exactly what you said."

Jamie V. 6/12/2017

"Needed to sell an inherited home in Albuquerque, NM which neither myself nor my sister lived in and Treehouse Investments/Enlight Homebuyers were very helpful, most especially Susan! She and the company did their very best to provide a fair price and prompt closing. Definitely took what could have been a real pain off our shoulders! Thank you."

Laurie E. 3/26/2017

"Enlight Homebuyers was amazing! They did everything they said they were going to do and delivered in a quickly and timely manner. I was so happy to not have to put any more time or money into my property. They came out a few days after the call, gave me a fair offer on the spot and we literally closed on the deal about 45 days later. Everything went smoothly and everyone was honest, fair and professional. I would highly recommend Enlight Homebuyers to family and friends."

Lucinda C. 10/4/2017

"Due to life events, I had to sell my house that was still under renovations. I contacted Enlight Homebuyers and they offered to help the same day they met with me at my house. In just a few weeks, I was sitting at the title company closing on the house. Huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and the entire process was quick and smooth not to mention I got exactly what I asked for in price. I wasn't burdened with the worry of an unfinished house sitting on the market for who knows how long. The office personnel were a joy to work with. They kept constant communication and updates on top of being a nice friendly bunch that were fun to do business with. If you need to get out of your house with no hassle, definitely contact this office. I would not only recommend someone that is in a similar situation that I was in but a house that's ready to sell."

John P. 5/19/2017

"I had decided that I wanted to move to spend my retirement near the beach. I chose to move from New Mexico to Florida. I wanted to move quickly and did not want to go through the typical process to sell my home. I also knew that my home needed updated and some repairs. I called several companies who buy houses and one of them was Enlight Homebuyers. My experience was a positive one from beginning to end. They came and inspected my property within a few days. They asked me what I wanted for my house and we agreed on a price that I could live with. I told them that I wanted to move quickly and they called and told me that they were ready to close within a week. That was a little too quick for me and I ended up needing another two weeks to be ready. The staff was very patient and willing to work with my schedule. Closing was all prearranged and my part took less than 20 minutes. My money was in my account the next business day. In short, I had a very positive experience with this company and would definitely use them again if needed. Everyone I worked with was professional, helpful, and very pleasant. The outcome for me was exactly what I wanted and needed."

E. V. 8/23/2016

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