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Find out what our clients are say about us by reading Enlight Homebuyers Reviews. We have successfully served people from all around the country facing many situations where they need to sell their home and fast!

"Enlight Homebuyers was GREAT to work with. They gave me an offer on my home a few thousand over what another company offered. The staff is great, the timing was fast and it was an overall great experience. I owned my home for only a year so selling it traditionally wasn’t an option. It was the fastest way for me to better my financial situation. If there offer would have been close to others, I still would have gone with them because of how great and easy their staff was to work with."

Nancy J 1/13/2018

"I am coming off of the roughest decade of my life, where both of my parents passed away relatively young, and my only sibling died after a long period of bad health. Needless to say I have become accustomed to looking for the dark cloud in every silver lining. I knew I was going to have to go through the stress of selling my childhood home, which was in a state of disrepair, and dreaded the prospect of dealing with an as is buyer. I was fully prepared to be taken advantage of, and lowballed on price. After an extensive search to find a company that had a reputation of being honest and fair minded, your company rose to the top of my list, and I made the call. From the very beginning my experience was not what I had expected. Every person that I dealt with through the entire process, from the first phone contact to post closing, was honest, professional, and very friendly. The offer I received was more than fair and almost seemed too good to be true. I remained skeptical throughout the entire process fully expecting that something was going to go wrong, but it never did. It is hard to believe how easy and pleasant the entire process was. I was told at one point that your goal is to bless the lives of the people who need your service. I can say that you achieved your goal, and consider myself blessed. I have nothing but gratitude to everyone I worked with. I am happy to say that this dark cloud actually did have a silver lining. I will not hesitate to recommend your company in the future."

Brad T. 8/29/2017

"My experience with Enlight Homebuyers was great. It was very quick and easy selling my house. The house I sold was a rental and I was tired of dealing with renters. When the renters told me they were moving I decided to sell. I found the information I needed on the internet, called and with in four days I had my home sold. All the people I worked with were nice, friendly and very helpful."

Sherlene B. 12/29/2017

"As an out of state property owner, I had a challenging management issue in our house in Sandy UT, and was contacted by the team at Enlight Homebuyers about how they could help. It was evident from the beginning that they knew how to best approach a solution for me, and patiently supported my timeline for the transaction. Having bought and sold many residential real estate investments over the years, it's rare to find buyer partners who understand the importance of timeliness, clarity and communication. The actual transaction was quick, easy and the staff were supportive and understanding. Selling the property to Enlight Homebuyers has allowed us to attend to other investments and allocate the proceeds from this investment in a focused and effective way. I'd not hesitate to recommend Enlight Homebuyers and would welcome doing business with them again myself.

Richard K. 12/6/2017

"I needed to sell my house quickly due to health reasons. I researched cash buyers online and after reading reviews and company information I decided to contact Enlight Homebuyers. Tyler contacted me the same day and after a very quick negotiation I decided to sell my house to them the same day. They were very reasonable and offered a more than fair purchase price. They kept me in the loop every step of the way. They whole process was painless! "

Karen M. 8/29/2017

"Let me start by saying that anyone in the position my husband and I were in this summer should contact Enlight Homebuyers. We had a most positive experience with this company....and here's why! My husband's mother passed away in June and left a house she owned to my husband and his brother. The house had been rented for longer than 20 years with a mortgage and renters occupying it. We wished to sell it as the estate was left with debts but no life insurance. We contemplated selling through a realtor but knew we would need to put a lot of money into repairs and replacements. As we were going through our mail, we saw a letter from Enlight expressing interest in buying the property through a cash sale on an "as is" basis. We contacted Walter at Enlight and he gave us a rundown on how Enlight conducts business and agreed to take a look. He promptly did, and made an offer which was very reasonable, which we accepted. We signed a purchase agreement and were told the transaction would take approximately 3 weeks. We were thrilled. Enlight did absolutely everything they said they would. They even dealt with our problematic renter, who did not want to leave. It delayed closing for a short time, but ultimately everything was resolved. At all times during the closing process, Walter kept us informed about the progress of our sale. Every time we needed to contact him, he was available or promptly called us back to answer our questions. We felt we were always kept in the loop and that was much appreciated. Enlight Homebuyers enabled us to sell the house and settle the estate quickly. We would encourage others in our position to contact this company! These people are professional, courteous, friendly and honest. You can't beat that. Many thanks to Enlight Homebuyers. "

Lance W. 11/4/2017

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