May 6, 2020

What Is the Process of Selling My Home to Cash Buyers in Salt Lake City?

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Have you ever wondered what the signs floating around town saying “we buy houses” or “we pay cash for houses” are all about? These signs are most likely placed by cash buyers. Cash buyers are people who purchase homes quickly with cash. It is not a scam and if you are about to sell a house then these may be the perfect people to work with. We will walk you through the process of selling your home to a cash buyer. 

Make No Repairs or Renovations

First of all, if you are ready to sell your home don’t make any repairs or renovations. There is no need to because a cash buyer will purchase your home in any condition, as is. This will save you time and thousands of dollars.

The first step in the process of selling your home to a cash buyer is to find one to work with. Here at Enlight Homebuyers, we are your leading, experienced cash buyers in Salt Lake City and we can help you get this home off your hands.

We Will Come Out to the Property and Make You an Offer

Once you give Enlight Homebuyers a call we will come out and look at your house. We will give you a same day cash offer. You will save so much money selling your house to Enlight Homebuyers the cash buyers because all you have to do is sell us the home. We don’t have any high realtor fees, so there’s no need to fork out the money to someone else to sell your home. Sell it to us, and keep that money for your next home purchase!

You Accept the Offer

After we have come out to your home and given you a cash offer, you can choose to accept it, and then we can start the buying process. This process can be as fast as you would like it to be. Enlight Homebuyers can come out and look at your home, give you a cash offer, and you can accept it all in the same day! If this is too fast for you, and you need time to think about the offer, then no worries! Take your time and accept the offer when you feel ready! We can take this process at your speed.

We Will Get You the Cash in Seven Days

Once the offer has been accepted, expect to receive the money from us within seven days. This is such a fast process since we have the funds for the house on hand already. You won’t have to wait for us to get a loan, and we will not back out at the last minute either like other buyers might.

You Move Out and Are on Your Way

You can be moved out of your unwanted home in just seven days from when you accept the offer. This is the quickest way of selling your house. If you sell your home on your own, or through a realtor you may end up waiting months on end to get it sold. A cash buyer is perfect for anyone who is wanting to move out in a hurry, or for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of the home selling process. 

If a cash buyer sounds like something that may benefit you, then call Enlight Homebuyers today at 1-800-655-8322. We want to purchase your house as is, and get you the cash quickly.

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